SIMPTRIP Incredible India Tourism Goa Tourism Information and Budget
Goa Tourism information and budget, the purpose of the image is to show Goa tourism

Goa Tourism Information and Budget

Goa Tourism Information and Budget

Goa is famous for its beach and party environment in India. It is the smallest state in India in terms of area. Fourth smallest state in terms of population. And its contributor to the Indian economy through Goa tourism. Goa tourism is considered to be the major support to Goa’s economy. It’s part of Incredible India. Goa Tourism Information and Budget will clear your way to make practical provisions.

Being a small state in India Goa is still having more density in tourist place. Goa has continuously maintained its best tourist destination, sports and it’s services because of its high tourist volume. It is worthy to visit Goa many time in your life especially in the month of December.

Best Places in Goa

Best Places in Goa Tourism Information and Budget

1. Calangute beach

Calangute beach is known as the Queen of the beach in Goa. Its caters to all types of travelers from nature lovers to adventure junkies to party freaks. Acting as a heaven for nature lover. This beach is the biggest and the most popular one in the North Goa. Posting of scintillating charm as well as beauty. Calangute beach in Goa has a lot to offer to tourist visiting.

2. Fort Aguada

  • Anand Heritage from the Portuguese. Fort Aguada has been standing stone on the beach facing the Arabian sea from 1612. The food is a great way to spend an afternoon. Afternoon are usually too hot to spend on the beach. But you don’t want to waste your time in hotel room. While in Goa so head over to Fort Aguada and spend your time exploring it.
The purpose of the image is to show Aguada beach. Goa Tourism Information and Budget.

3. Tito Street

Tito Street : Goa is India’s favorite party place. Therefore you simply have to visit one of the many clubs scattered around Goa. On your visit Goa, Tito Street is a one of the best clubs. Baga beach where the club is located is a party hub. So it is no wonder that loads of tourist find their ways to street after sundown.

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The club is known for its excellent service. The place is made up to up of two levels. The lower levels is a distant floor with a separate dance space. For separate dance space for couple the upper level allows people to sit and watch the activity while enjoying their food and drinks. The DJ is reckoned are very good.

There are various entry voucher which have complimentary service included the voucher begins from 2000 the security is also among the best which is very important the party climate like your it does not matter what ever you go during ne not off-season status it is exciting place to party in Goa all your round the cocktail and the talk of town so make sure you try them out best time to visit Tito’s 6 p.m. to 3 a.m. Tito’s Street Baga beach North Goa.

4. Baga beach

Baga beach is famous destination in North Goa. It is India’s vacation paradise because its attracts thousands of tourist and water sports lover to its heart. The beach shares its coastal line from the surrounding area of Sinquerim, Candolim and Baga.

Baga beach is one of the best in Goa because of its whole night party. Hence its, called as hometown of the nightlife. Baga beach is reputed for its DJ style music celebration throughout the night with mouth watering food, designer shops and adventure sports.

5. Anjuna beach

India’s best Paradise is Goa. It is home to some glorious of India, one of them is known as Anjuna beach. From acquired family vacation to an adventure. Anjuna beach glamorous Paradise villa in Goa for the golden coast line.

The southern and northern end of Anjuna beach offers a large amount of activities. While the southern end is consist of Rocky headlands. Northern coast water sports like monkey jumping bumpy banana ride and many more.

Anjana beach is local multidimensional entertainment hub. Its provides you with some of the stunning scenery and photographic views during sunrise and sunset. The combination of the white sand and the Lucy create a new table view.

6. Dudhsagar waterfalls

Dudhsagar waterfalls situated near Goa and Karnataka border. It is one of the India’s must decide the four tired waterfall structure. One of the tallest in India and is located in the Mandovi river.

White water pressure down from a height of nearly 2017 feet of nearly steep mountain face. They form a part of Bhagwan Mahaveer Sanctuary and National Park.

Goa Tourism Information and Budget, the purpose of the image is to show how Dudhsagar looks like.
DudhSagar Waterfall, Goa

The best way to reach them, by entering the national park . The Dudhsagar waterfalls are not directly accessible by road, which means you can not drive your car all the way to the Dudhsagar waterfallsYou will have to drive up to Kulem. From Kulem you can either trek to the Dudhsagar waterfalls or take a jeep safari via the Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary.

Its natural beauty surround by steep hill with force waterfall and laying beautiful Indian Railway track, gives stunning view.

7. Club Cubana

Club Cubana itself is night club in the sky. It is appropriate name for club located in the remote location on top of the Opera hill in North Goa. But the remote Club Cubana is a great attraction of the party. Goa has revolving flashlight with colorful lights all over the neighborhoods. All night long they are attracting customers there is a special dance floor where you can groove in the pits. There is also swimming pool with the launch which adds the feeling of luxurious Nissan characterizes Club Cubana.

Goa Tourism Budget

Goa Tourism Information and Budget, Compared to most of the rest of India prices in Goa are relatively expensive. But compared to nearly anywhere else this place is a bargain. Budget basically depends upon its own way of entertainment. Normally budget can be between 3,000 to 5,000 i.e $ 40 to $ 66 per day per person.

Best Way Move Around

The best way to move around Goa is to have a two wheeler on rent. Check the price of Goa’s two wheeler information and budget below :

In the peak season, you can rent a Bajaj Pulsar for around Rs 2500 a day and a Honda Activa scooter for around Rs 1200 a day. Royal Enfield costs Rs 2500 a day.

The off-season rates are only a tad better. Pulsar goes for approximately Rs 768 a day and a Honda Activa scooter will cost you as little as Rs 360 a day. Royal Enfield Classic costs Rs 792 per day.

The rates are vary as per the season and vendors.

What documents and information do I need to rent a bike in Goa in order to maintain budget?

Indian citizens are required to have the following documents:
1. License: 

You will need a valid two-wheeler license which you would need to submit to the bike dealer when you rent the bike. You can keep a copy with you while you drive.

2. Identification:

If you do not wish to submit your license and want to keep it with you while riding, you would need to submit a valid photo ID like a PAN card or passport that you can submit. You will rarely find a dealer who will be willing to give you a vehicle without keeping an original document of yours as collateral.

3. Bike documents:

Make sure you ask for all bike documents before you take over the two-wheeler. If you run in trouble anywhere on the road, you will need to produce the documents and won’t be excused just because you are a tourist.

Important Things keep in mind while renting a bike in Goa?

1. Test the bike:

Take the bike for a test run of 100-200m before you finalise one. Several bikes are old and not in great condition. So, you need to make sure if the brakes are functional. Check the headlights and the rear-view mirrors. Riding at night in Goa can be quite risky. Goa has several roads with no streetlights and you don’t want to find yourself on one of these with no headlight.

2. Ensure you have the dealer’s contact information:

Before you leave, ensure you have your bike dealer’s mobile/contact number so that you can call him if you run into trouble anywhere in Goa. Typically, most dealers have contacts all over the state and they can help you if needed.

3. Check the fuel:

Most bikes hardly have any fuel in them when they are handed over to you. And very often, the fuel indicators don’t. So when you pick up a bike, check the fuel levels. Bikes run out of petrol immediately after they are taken on rent. So, make sure you find out where the nearest fuel station is and fuel up your two-wheeler within the first 5-10 minutes of renting your bike.

4. Safety:

Helmets are compulsory for all riders so make sure you get one along with your bike. Do not pay extra for your helmets as it is covered in your daily rent.

5. Return:

Try and return your bike at the time you have promised. If you are late even by a couple of hours, the dealer will try to charge you extra. Negotiate your way out of it as the rent you pay for the day covers the entire day.

7. On the road:

Be aware that a lot of people riding bikes and cars on the roads of Goa are intoxicated. Ever so often, you will come across someone racing away trying to overtake you, or someone passing comments at you are trying to provoke you. Make sure you keep your cool and keep your speed under control. Riding is fun but don’t let it risk your life. Enjoy the road but try to stay away from those who might sabotage your safety.


Goa is World’s own beach, you must enjoy Goa’s essence of party in your lifetime. The place will be your lifetime memorable place. Russian are the great fans of Goa beaches. Hope you have started your provision to visit the destinations to be be real.

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