SimpTrip, is travel related blog, and was founded by Sayantan Bimal Dey in 01st June 2020. This site will help you to know your next power holiday destination. The main motto of this website is to spread more and more knowledge related to the tourist place and its importance with travel and accommodation fare details through SimpTrip.

SimpTrip’s Author

Sayantan Dey

He is a part time blogger and has completed his Bachelor in Commerce, Master of Divinity and Master of Social Work. Highly interested in stuff related to travel destination and its might. Travel to a lovely destination will refresh your soul.

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Welcome To SimpTrip

As life not always smooth as we would like to be. An adverse situation can arise at anytime with anyone can depress them under odd time. Life is all about uncertainties but not for the solver. Problem always be with you, but multiple solution must be in your hand. A good health is your greatest wealth which can bounce back any adverse. A constant break is necessary for mind, to refresh between hectic schedules.

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