What’s your travel style?

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Are you a working professional who has been bitten by the travel bug?  You may have commitments that prevent you from dropping everything and going on a year long backpacking trip or maybe you want to work on your career – what ever the reason, you can still visit all of your bucket list destinations – it just requires a little extra work.  This blog is dedicated to to help those who want to balance both traveling and a career.

Since graduating college almost 3 years ago – I have visited 15 countries across 4 continents.  By vigilantly tracking my vacation hours, constantly saving for my next trip and planning out each trip to ensure I am able to hit the highlights of each city I have been able to slowly whittle away at my travel bucket list.  Later topics in this blog will include; how I plan my vacation schedule, what things I pay attention to when I plan a trip, and how I find fares.

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