#TripPlanThursday – DIY Round the World Flight

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Round the World flights are a tool offered by airlines which enable travelers to get discounts by locking in a series of flights which will take them around the world – starting and stopping at the same airport.  Each offering can be a little different, but the general rule is that all flights must be in one direction and you cannot backtrack.  While these aren’t cheap (generally between $3000-$5000) the flights are generally cheaper than booking all flights separately last minute – with a round the world flight you lock in your destinations but you can change the dates of the tickets.  But it is possible to make your own Round the World Flights for cheaper?

Inspired by Richard Quest’s – Round the World using Discount Airline Adventure, I wanted to see if it was possible to plan my own Round the World Flight.  Since I wasn’t using a Round The World ticket – I added one extra challenge – could I plan a trip that goes around the world AND goes to every continent besides Antarctica.  While completing this challenge, I focused on cities that were on my bucket list of destinations – you can certainly do a similar trip for cheaper.

This itinerary when booked on one airline alliance would cost between $3800 – $5200 depending on the alliance.  When booking each leg individually you could travel this route for as cheap as $2,253.

Flight 1: Atlanta to Lima

Spirit Airlines (a US based discount carrier with flights to South and Central America) offers this route with a stop over in Fort Lauderdale for $207

Flight 2: Lima to Cape Town

Ethiopian Air offers this flight with stop overs in Sao Paulo and Addis Ababa for $765

Flight 3: Cape Town to Copenhagen

When looking for a flight I looked for cities which were served by Norwegian Air, as they have discount flights to both Asia and North America.  Emirates offers the route between Africa and Europe, with a stop over in Dubai

Flight 4: Copenhagen to Bangkok

Norwegian Air offers this flight non stop for $156

Flight 5: Bangkok to Sydney

Vietnam Airways offers this flight with a stop over in Ho Chi Min City for $241

Flight 6: Sydney to Honolulu

Jetstar Airways (a discount airline serving Australia) offers this flight with a stop over in Melbourne for $349

Flight 7: Honolulu to San Francisco

When looking to get back to Atlanta – it was cheaper to book a flight to San Francisco before going to Atlanta.  Hawaiian Airways offers this flight for $219

Flight 8: San Francisco to Atlanta

Frontier Airways (a US based discount airline) offers this flight for $154

If you want to plan your own Round the World trip – be sure to put in a little bit of effort to see if you can get a better deal by scheduling your own flights.  If you sacrifice a little bit of flexibility – you can likely find significant savings by booking the flights individually.  To find these flights you can use a tool like Kayak.com which allows you to see where you can get from each airport based on your budget.  Pay attention for sales – there are many newsletter which send you the best deals daily.  Look at other options besides flights – often there are discount modes of transportation between cities – which can add to your adventure, so don’t get locked in on leaving from the same city you fly into.  Look into discount carriers – especially ones that travel between continents, you should look at getting to their hub cities as stops on your trip to give you the most connection options.  Finally use layovers as one or two day mini adventures.

Have any tips for creating your own Round the World Itinerary?  Leave a comment below!

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