Top Countries on My Travel Wishlist

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In a previous post I discussed how I figure out when I can go on a long trip (How to Balance Work and Travel).  To figure out where I want to go – I make a list of all of the destinations that I really want to travel to.  Below are the 10 current destinations on my travel wish list.


I could dedicate several months to places I want to visit in Thailand.  From the ancient temples in Chiang Mai to the cityscape of Bangkok to the beaches and deserted islands in the south there is literally something for everyone.  Thailand’s popularity with backpackers and tourists means its a great starting point for South East Asia.

South Africa

South Africa is also a land of diversity.  You can pick up a history lesson on apartheid in Johannesburg, visit Table Mountain and other sites in Cape Town, see penguins at the southern tip of Africa, relax in the Winelands, go on a Safari at Kruger National Park or take a short trip to see Victoria Falls – the source of the Nile River.


A two week trip to Australia would include several days in Sydney, a trip to see the Outback (Uluru) and Ayers Rock, Bondi Beach and the Great Barrier Reef and maybe a short tour of New Zealand.


A trip to Norway would be focused on the outdoors.  Taking a scenic drive with Norway’s Freedom to Roam laws mean you can access most scenic lands even if on someones property.  With so many fjords and scenic outlooks to visit – Norway would be the perfect destination to truly get away.

Costa Rica

A previous post talks about what I would do on a week long trip to Costa Rica.  From the volcanoes to the world class beaches – Costa Rica is a land of diversity.  The first part of the trip would be heavy loaded with adventure and hiking and you can end your trip relaxing on several different beaches.

What countries are on the top of your Travel Wishlist?

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