Tanzanian Lion Tree

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Going on a Safari was one of the top items on my Travel Bucket List.  I was able to cross that off the list during the Summer of 2015.  We went on a 5 Day Safari – hitting a different game park each day and spending the night in lodges within the park.  The second day of the safari started out slow we saw lots of zebra and wildebeest but we wanted to find a lion.  We parked in a few different areas to see if the silence would draw out a lion – but were unsuccessful.  We pulled over at a rest stop for lunch, while we were eating a call came in over the radio – in a dialect of Swahili (the guides speak English but communicate in Swahili to each other – so tourists cant understand what they are saying – they don’t want the tourists to know what they are headed to – since the animals move by the time the follow up on tip from another guide the animal may be gone).  The guide told us to finish eating – he had a surprise for us.  We piled into the car and he SPED off.  After about 30 mins of driving we pulled up to a collection of other vehicles and he pointed at a tree.

We call it the Lion Tree.  There were 15 lions, all females and cubs, relaxing on the branches of the tree.  Some were playing, others were sleeping and a few were prowling around the base of the tree.  We stayed at this tree for well over an hour, by the time we were ready to leave there were at least 30 other safari vehicles crowded along the road, everyone trying to catch a glimpse of the once in a lifetime view of seeing a pride of lions peacefully sunbathing on a tree.   This experience highlights the number one travel experience I have had.

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