How to Pick a Destination

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Let the Destination Pick You:

If you have the travel bug and a million places on your wishlist – let the destinations pick you.  Rather than picking a city to go to – wait until an irresistible sale comes up and then decide why you want to visit.  This works best if you have flexibility in dates as well as no strong preference for a destination.  Use sites like  which gives you updates when a steep discount or error fare is found.  The moment you spot a destination you would like purchase the ticket and then figure out what you will do there.

Use your tools:

If you have a destination in mind – make sure you do proper research to ensure you are getting the best deal.  My favorite tools are:

Google Flights – Google Flights makes it super easy to find the current best deals.  It consolidates most airlines and allows you to lock in a destination but change the dates easily to find the cheapest time to go.  If you don’t have a destination locked in they have an excellent map which shows airfares across the globe for your dates.

Kayak – Kayak is another flight research site – but my favorite feature is their “Hacker Fares”.  They search across airlines and check to see if splitting up the flights on different airlines is cheaper than a round trip one airline.  They also have an excellent discover feature if you need inspiration for cheap destinations.

Momondo – I use this tool to make sure I have the cheapest flight, and if the dates around my trip are cheaper before booking.

Skyscanner – I mainly use this site for Europe travel, when I am looking for flights within Europe.  They allow you to search for “Everywhere” as a destination which shows you the cheapest flights from your destination on your dates.  If you are looking to get around Europe with no specific route in mind – this is a great site to get ideas and find deals.

Get Inspired:

Every year TripAdvisor, the New York Times and Lonely Planet produces excellent guides with the top destinations to visit over the coming year.  I use these to add to my bucket list.

Bucket List:

The internet is full of travel bloggers and travel guides.  If you are an avid reader keep a journal of the top experience and destinations you see in your research so when your next vacation comes up you know where to go

How do you pick a destination?  Leave a comment below with any tips!

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